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First born

25 months: "Nana goes in there" - pointing to banana skin.
27 months: When we hung up the phone, he immediately picked it up again and wanted to know if "Daddy still in there."
31 months: Likes putting teddy in his pyjama pants as a pouch and asked "Kangaroos got penises, Mum?"
32 months: "Hard work, rock n roll," as he dances to 60's music.
33 months: Hopped into bed with Nanna and Pa and noticed Pa's elbow, said "Not enough stuffing in this bit, Pa"
34 months: Tries to say the alphabet - gets to "lemon and a pea" - L M N O P.
36 months: Had 4 small sandwiches on a plate and he took away the bottom left hand corner one and said, "Look I got a number 7"
42 months: When he realised we were going to have a baby he opened my mouth wide and I thought, 'Oh no, another dentist game' but he whispered a secret into it.
44 months: On 'relationships' he commented, "That lady wants that man to sleep at her place. She must have double bunks she wants to show him."
45 months: At Italian class, he was mucking about as usual and crawled around in a semi-circle. Then he said to me, "look mum, invisible letter U."
48 months: I told him some stories of when I was a little girl and he wanted to know how I managed to grow up to be a mummy. Seeing my chance I said "I ate up all my vegetables and meat." He thought of another story I'd told him and quickly asked, "Yeah, but what about your mushrooms?"
48 months: Called baby brother a "blow up baby" when he was blowing bubbles and said that he was going to deflate him!
51 months: "You know daddy, there's two words I can't say right, Toyyoga and hosbital."
54 months: After cleaning up yet another mess, I dramatically moaned "I'm sick of being a mummy" and first born countered with, "what do you want to be.... a cowboy?"
57 months: Someone didn't set the table properly and he yelled with disgust, "Where's me fork n knife?"
63 months: Helped plant trees for Elderly citizens week at Yarrowee creek. He asked me next day what does "Delderly Titterson's" mean?
66 months: On a 'No TV Tuesday' he begged me "can't you think of something for me to do, just a little bit more exciting than watching TV?"
72 months: Commenting on his brother at a friend's place, "He's nearly got the hang of picking up their cat, except that her claws are still in the carpet."
75 months: On the big let down of trying to work out which thing was Haley's Comet, "Well, we've each seen our own comet."
96 months: He cooked scones for the school party "Only two scones were eaten and I had those."
156 months: Sister was being teased and she said, "Take that back!" He asked, "Where to, the shop?"

Second born

20 months: "Nanna Pa Brrm Brrm Bye Gon" for Nanna and Pa leaving in their car.
22 months: Daddy had a hat on and that excited him - "Daddy hair hat!"
25 months: "Who dat Bubba?" and pointed to his brother who was having a rest in the pram at the zoo.
26 months: Said "Back here fly" when he was trying to hit it with the fly swat.
28 months: "Stand back. Water!" pretending the lounge room is flooded, "Follow me."
29 months: After running around in circles many times, despite being cautioned, he stopped and said, "This house is falling down."
30 months: Someone was going to eat his piece of pie and he raced into the kitchen yelling "Quick, hide this pie."
31 months: When angry, "I'm throwing this $4 toy down."
33 months: When talking about neighbour's cat's bottom, "He's got a little belly button."
37 months: While kicking his legs in our bed, "You pressed button, now it can't stop. It's gone crazy."
40 months: About our new baby coming, "Is the baby scared of your skeleton?"
42 months: "Huh! And you heard me say it again - Huh!"
44 months: "Let's go East. That's where the Easter bunny is."
47 months: When he woke up on the train he asked, "What day is it?"
54 months: "What do flies turn into?" after reading books on butterflies, mudeyes and dragonflies.
57 months: "Why did you shut that back door?" (They were outside playing karate kicks.) I explained that I didn't want the gas to blow out. He said, "Oh, I was thinking of the wrong answer." I'm sure he thought I was locking them outside.
58 months: "Call me Master from now on."
79 months: 1990 When spelling out his name, he showed the influence of new technology by spelling his first name saying 'space bar' then surname.
83 month: Looking in the mirror, "Hey, the words are back the front."
90 months: Daddy took him to the toilet in the night and they passed the aquarium that we are minding, he said sleepily, "I didn't know fish stayed up that late."
99 months: "What do you do all day, Dad?" "I'm a Palaeontologist." "If you're a palaeontologist, then Brachiosaurus can breathe underwater."
111 months: We were shown a trick, burning an empty tea bag which floated off. He said, "If the same rules apply, my brother's head would explode the entire world."
138 months: He sniffed a piece of sawn off wood. "Ahh." he exclaimed, "and I always thought that smell at Sovereign Hill was the horses."
149 months: Walking home from school together, he remarked "That's a really wide hedge. Of course, that's the first time I could see over it."
165 months: "This shouldn't be classed Adult humour, it should be year 8 humour."

Third born

19 1/2 months: "Ow ow fall down bonk head."
27 months: Looking for my clip-on earings under my hair, "Where's they gone?"
31 months: At the beach, "Big water" "Stop."
33 months: Dreaming and called out, "That's my chocy bar."
37 months: "Look Mummy, Dolly is picking her nose" and putting the doll's hands up to its face.
47 months: Her towel fell off her shoulders to her bottom and she said, "Quick Mum, my towel is melting!"
48 months: On a cold day, walking the boys to school, one asked, "Have you got a red nose?" She answered, "I'm not a clown!"
52 months "What's mummy looking for?" when I was bent over with a muscle spasm in my back.
54 month: "This is my properly." Meaning property.
56 months: "Little boy wacked me at the creche. He said 'Ta ta ta.' I said 'No no no.'"
57 months: Coughing, "There's something in my entrance."
62 months: Took some Smarties with 2 other girls at the YMCA creche and got caught and had to sit on the naughty chair. Told me "my arms were pulling me along to do it."
64 months: We were congratulating her on dry beds and her brother said, "Yeah. I woke her and kept her awake til she got up." Very indignant, she said, "I'm the hero here!"
76 months: "I can smell vegemite toast, but it's not here."
80 months: She had some chips in her hand and wouldn't share. "You gotta whinge for these, Mum."
81 months: We were busy cleaning up for yet another room change around and Daddy was vacuuming the top of the built in old cupboard which was covered in cobwebs when she asked, "Who's going to sleep up there?"
93 months: When protesting about eating something different, she said she "had hic-cups and would have throw-ups and I'm not just trying to make up a rhyme!"
99 months: Asked us philosophically, "Have all our good times gone?" when listening to the lyrics of a song.
100 months: I had picked some hair rollers from the supermarket, to try just for fun and daughter confessed she thought "my mother isn't that old, we must have the wrong trolley."
101 months: Said, "No, you're spoiling me, because I'm getting angry!"
105 months: Describing children at school after her new hair cut and new dress, "Jaws were opened wide!"
106 months: Arguing with brother defiantly said, "So, what's the second point?"
117 months: "I'm playing chess with the computer and I think it's 'gin rummying' me."
118 months: She was looking for a tea towel and muttered, "I know where they are - 3rd floor," as she opened the 3rd drawer.
123 months: "Buy more of those biscuits, Mum. When you put vegemite on them, it gets rid of the taste."
142 months: Tried out for School captain with the slogan: "Vote 1 for me. Listens, Cares, Talks, never shuts up."
150 months: Had been doing Peer mediation course and referred to father's usual Friday night drinks at the Pub as 'Beer Pressure' rather than peer pressure.

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