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Diary Grade 6 - 1964
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Extracts from the 1964 diary of Juniris
Entire diary is ready for publication
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Kergunyah South, Victoria, Australia.

Wednesday 1 January 1964
This morning I slept in. I dressed in a red and white play suit. I had Weet-bix and apricots for breakfast. By that time it was 8.22. After this I picked some apricots. After dinner we went swimming in the Kiewa river and Dad, Mum and Guy went fishing.
Saturday 4 Jan.
Today Geoff came up. He is a Legacy boy from Melbourne. We went swimming as usual and I found he is a very good swimmer. Allan and Irene's wedding was today. Mum sent a Telegram to them. The dinner was held in the Gala, Albury.
Sunday 5 Jan.
This morning we tipped some water on Geoff and Guy. I had breakfast and after this I went up to the dairy. Gilbert came to see if Mum could play tennis at Mt.Beauty. She said "Yes". After Gilbert had gone, I fed the kangaroo. We went swimming. While we were in the water, others came, then Gilbert with Mum and also Manfred.
Monday 6 Jan.
This morning Guy squirted us with his water pistol to wake us up.We went to the pictures at the Drive-in in Wodonga, to see a comic strip, the news, then "Touch and Go." After this was "Carry on Regardless."
Monday 13 Jan.
Again we had a small water fight. We went swimming fairly late in the afternoon. We went to our neighbours and two girls were there. June could play the accordian very well. We went around to Bruce and Jill's where aunty Dulcie and uncle Jack were. My cat, "Bright-eyes," brought home a rabbit. We rode "Baby" today. She should of had a foal.
Friday 17 Jan.
Today we went up to the back with Wayne and followed the creek until we came to the scout's camp. I was bitten by a bull ant. We caught a possum, then let it go. When we arrived home we went swimming, but did not stay for long as the water was cold.
Saturday 18 Jan.
This morning I woke fairly early. Before dinner we went into Albury to take Geoff back. We went to the Albury Botanical gardens and then went to the station to put Geoff on the train. We went to get some groceries, then went home.
Thursday 30 Jan.
We played cards a lot. I made a dress for my doll. I stayed at the house while the rest went to the dairy. Dad is still dozing. It was 100 degrees today.
Tuesday 4 Feb.
Everybody thought that we went back on the sixth but we found out that we had to go back to school today. It is horrible at Kiewa Valley Consolidated School. A girl, Eileen, isn't too bad, but I reckon it's a stupid school. Kergunyah South Primary School is much better. We went swimming for it was very hot.
Wednesday 5 Feb.
I saw Laurel and Rowan and George and Colin going to Kergunyah South Primary School as we went past on the bus. I got a letter from Trixie in Wodonga today.
Thursday 6 Feb.
Today there was a storm. The lights went out and we had to have Beryl's birthday by candlelight. She is 6. It was fairly hot in the morning but it cooled off in the afternoon.
Saturday 15 Feb.
I purked up two times today. I smelt some Vicks. Bruce and Jill came around for a while. Gail put on her skates. I dreamed the horrible dream about the smooth road turning into a bumpy road and had to wake up and go to Dad.
Sunday 16 Feb.
I had to stay in bed all day today. Dad said if I was worse tomorrow he would take me to the doctor. A quiz starts on 2AY tomorrow and a new story. Guy caught a trout downstream in our "Cherry Tree" creek.
Saturday 22 Feb.
I was going to listen to the top twenty but Dad stopped me and said he wanted to have a sleep. So I missed that. I went up to the dairy with Dad, Evon, Gail, Beryl and Lance. I had to mind him. I was in a bad temper. It rained.
Wednesday 26 Feb.
I got two stamps today. Evon's friend Gail came back from her holiday. Dick brought Pam's baby over. Lorraine and her baby came up. Dad has been working over at our neighbours. My light bulb was blown.
Thursday 27 Feb.
I had to run from home to the corner to catch the bus. "The Avenger" on the wireless ended tonight. The kids went swimming who were picked to see if they're good enough to go in the sports.
Monday 2 March.
I got some stamps today. I brought home a "Billabong" book. I went to the book stall to get a book. The kids went and got some oranges off the tree, when they took Dad some water.
Tuesday 3.March.
Lloyd got the strap. I had an ice-cream. Janice's sister lost a valuable ring in the pool. Poor kid. The others are to look for it. Today was Joyce's birthday and Trixies.
"Love me do" was the top in the P.J. top 8.
Wednesday 4 March.
We had the 'Biscuit tin' for a bus. We ran over a snake. Kathleen is going to bring some comics as I gave her one to read.
Monday 9 March.
Evon's birthday was today. She is 13. She got a writing pad, envelopes, 3 hankies and other little odds and ends. We went rabbit shooting around at Jill's. Got 2 rabbits. A new young lady teacher came. She is nice.
Wednesday 18 March.
We had library period. I am the girl boss. Patrick is the boy. I got a book called "Five on Kirrin island again."
Thursday 19 March.
I had hiccups today. I got a book called "Five go adventuring again."
Thursday 26 March.
We broke up today and came home at 2 o'clock. We killed a pig. Dad finished my third arrow. I got 10 for each subject. I had to be a runner with Margaret for the Principal. We had to deliver some papers.
Friday 27 March.
Some people wanting an old bomb car came up, about four dogs and a girl. All gorky. We went down the road and got some watermelons. I had a lot of goes on my bow and arrow.
Tuesday 31. March.
I had my hair cut rather short today. We went over to our new neighbours next door and met the kids. They aren't too bad. They have a swing. Rosie (8) is the oldest, then Florence, then Judy, then Coral, then John and last of all the twins. Carl works for them.
Monday 6 April.
I broke my longest fingernail off. A lot of kids want some chestnuts. This morning our new neighbour came and got some of his bread. The delivery man had left it in our big bread box. I had the hiccups today.
Tuesday 7 April.
We had sewing. Margaret was selling pomegranates for sixpence. I'm going to sell chestnuts. Our new neighbours came for milk.
Wednesday 22 April.
We found "Lassie" and her pups under her house. There was about seven of them but we only kept three. The tabby kitten came in and I was nursing it when it jumped into the fire and climbed a little way up the chimney. It was not hurt. Gail broke a rotten egg under the house.
Saturday 2 May.
We tried selling some mushrooms by the road but we didn't sell any. We heard the Beatles talk on the wireless. They are real gruff.
Sunday 3 May.
We went to Sunday school. After dinner, we went around to Bruce's. I found a halfpenny which was bent.
Sunday 10 May.
We went mushrooming, but didn't get many. The ones we did get had maggots on them. I had a headache.
Friday 5 June.
We had a weekly test. I beat Margaret by half a mark. Our teacher told us about the eclipse which falls on the 10th of June.
Saturday 6 June.
Bruno brought some film star pictures and gave us some. We played table tennis a bit. I made a thing that you can cart water with, out of a bit of stick, some string and tins. I cleared the puddle of water away from the front of the driveway
Monday 15 June.
We went to the "Back to Kergunyah" day. I won a race and came second. I got two bags of lollies. There were a lot of people there. Evon might have her picture of the lamb, herself and one of the old teachers in the "Border" newspaper tomorrow.
Tuesday 30 June.
Dad played the mouth organ a lot after tea. We put the cow in the crate and put a tarp over it. We found that the dogs were from over the hill.
Saturday 4 July.
We went to football to play Dederang. Kergunyah won. I measured myself. I am 4ft 8ins tall.
Monday 13 July.
For the first time I bought my lunch at the school canteen. I had a pie, one 6d icecream and a 3d one, as well as an orange, which I kept for the bus. The river was in flood and so were all the swamps. There was a storm around tea time. Dad got me my new coloring pencils.
Wednesday 15 July.
I got 8 for my health book. I had a pain in my belly today. I got a letter from Frank. I wrote him and Jan and Rowan a note. Next doors have got T.V.
Monday 27 July.
We went over to see T.V. It ended at about 10 o'clock. We saw Lucy Ball, Ben Casey and The Untouchables. We have our oral test on Health tomorrow and our horticulture books are taken up.
Thursday 6 August.
I got 8 and a half for Health questions. Robyn was not at school. I am going up to her place over the weekend. Us girls sit up the back of the bus, now. There is Lorrie, Evon, Rhonda, Monica and me.
Wednesday 19 August.
Sandra brought me an apple. We have to have a C team now. Dianne and Kathryn had to pick the girls. I am not in it. Robyn wasn't at school.
Wednesday 26 August.
Today is my 11th birthday. I got some lollies from Gail, a few drawings and things from Beryl and Rosey. I also got a saucer from Beryl. We had a good party. I went over with mum to take the kids back. I got 8 for Art.
Monday 7 Sep.
I pulled my tooth out. We went over to watch T.V. We had a look at Channel 4. Today was mum's birthday. Next doors came over and we had a party. Bruno, Carl and Guy went up to the waterfalls.
Sunday 13 Sep.
Peter went back today. We took him back. He has a record player. He can play the guitar a bit. "Time for Mystery" was on tonight. We went and saw our old next door neighbours. They have T.V.
Wednesday 16 Sep.
We had Religious Instructions. Mum, Gail and Lance went into Albury. I got a "Bertie Beetle." Peter gave me a note. Robyn tried to get it off me, but after I had read it, I ripped it up so she couldn't see it.
Saturday 26 Sep.
Mum and me went for a walk to see if we could shoot any rabbits. We didn't get any. I saw a black snake. We saw 'Brighteyes' too. When the others were rabbiting, I stayed home and Bruce and Jill came around and gave us some meat.
We wore our playsuits as it was hot. I sunbaked a lot.
Tuesday 29 Sep.
We had sewing today. Our sewing teacher gave me some scraps of material to make doll's clothes with. I play with Jeanette now. Evon had cookery.
Monday 5 Oct.
We had the 'Biscuit Tin' for a bus. I had to go up to the dairy. I plaited two skipping ropes, from bailing twine. We had high jump today.
Thursday 8 Oct.
I found out that I got 9 for reading comprehension and 8 and a half for English. After tea, I had a bath. Us girls are not having high jumps, but goal throwing instead. Mum brought some apples and oranges off a man who goes around selling fruit.
Thursday 15 Oct.
Barbara gave us some real nice dresses that fit Evon. I made some doll's dresses. I got 9 for poetry. Garbi was the only one that got 10. Our teacher read my composition in front of the class. He wrote excellent on it. It was about a conversation between two cats. Guy sorted out his money collection.
Friday 23 Oct.
Evon's friend Gail came up from Tangambalanga. Dad has gone forage harvesting and didn't come home. I had to go up to the dairy. Gail had some lollies. I slept with mum.
Saturday 24 Oct.
We heard on the wireless the ending of the Olympic games. We went over to see the baby and get some oranges. Gail, Evon and I went up and let the rabbit go up the hill. We saw some kangaroos. Guy caught a trout and a yabby.
Tuesday 3 Nov.
Evon and I went round the cows again before school. The Melbourne Cup was on. "Polo Prince" won. I brought my apron home and tacked some hems on it. We had sports. We caught "King" and tied him up.
Thursday 5 Nov
Our sports were held today. Bogong won, Murray came second, Kiewa came third and Hume came last. Kaylene and Sam got the award. Bogong won the marching. We were on T.V. Peter took my photo and gave me 4 bubble gums. Mum came down. I got some lollies and took a soft drink home.
Saturday 7 Nov.
We had a barbecue at next doors. We watched T.V. for a while, but soon had to go home. The new bulk tank was put in. It is a "Sunset" brand. I made a few doll's dresses. We played in the treehouse.
Wednesday 11 Nov.
Today was Guy's birthday. He got a lot of presents. I bought rissoles for my lunch. Today was Remembrance Day. The Principal wanted to have a talk with Dianne and I about staying at Kiewa Consolidated School. He wanted us to go to Tallangatta High School.
Tuesday 17 Nov.
I got one shilling and 6d for my tooth. Dad brought home some "Minties." Evon has to sit down the front and Rhonda sat with me. Kaylene gave me a jellybean. Pat is getting me 7 bubblegums for Gail.
Saturday 21 Nov.
Bruce came around to help dad. Dad started bailing hay at next doors. Guy went over to watch T.V. The turkey died and now we only have one. We watched the milkman empty the bulk tank.
Sunday 22 Nov.
We listened to "Time for Mystery." I went up to the dairy. Gail and I shifted the bedroom around. We have our poetry recitation test tomorrow.
Sunday 6 Dec.
Gail, I and dad went around to another farmers. I saw Dawn riding her bike. We saw a dead echidna. The others painted the back room again.
Thursday 24 Dec.
We found a good tree along Cherry Tree Creek. Guy chopped it down. We brought the Christmas tree into the lounge room and decorated it. After tea we put the presents on it. I was the first one to put a present on. It was Beryl's. Before tea we went over to T.V. for a while. I made a money box for Gail and continued my bowl.
Thursday 31 December 1964.
We went down to the river for a swim. Mum caught a fish. It is a redfin about 6 inches long. Grandad and Sandra went. Lance came to sleep with me. The apricots are getting ripe. All the yabbies were dead except one. We went around to Bruce and Jill's but they weren't home, so we went up to the Dederang store. Grandad gave us all 10 shillings.

Extracts from the 1964 diary of Juniris Webster
Entire diary is ready for publication
Interested Publishers with a ute load of cash...
please email me at

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