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Extracts from Juniris' 1968 Diary Kergunyah South, Victoria, Australia

My height is 5' 5 and 1/2"
My weight is 7 and 3/4 stone
My age is 14 years 5 months
Tues 9th Jan
Brighteyes is missing. I have moved into the sewing room by myself.
Sat 3rd Feb
Julie, Peter and their family have moved to Wodonga. Julie married.
Wed 7th Feb
Tallangatta High School commenced.
Thurs 8th Feb
I am in Freestyle, Breastroke and Diving for Swimming Sports.
Sat 2nd March
Ginger colored lamb born Sat night. Megs. "To sir with love" is going to be shown at Hoyts.
Tues 26th March
Dad got a stick in his leg. Is OK though. Went to the doctor at Yakandandah.
Sat 30th March
Guy home. Cut down sapplings. Blisters. I have a black fingernail.
April 1st
April fool's day. Jan and I have been trying to send thought messages to each other. No luck.
Fri 12th April
Our Legacy boy, David came up. Haven't seen him for 5 years. Guy came home.
Mon 15th April
Peter in a car crash, but OK.
Sun 5th May
Period 5-10 30 days. Lost basketball. I got 2 goals.
Tues 4th June
Had skin tests for TB
Wed 5th June
Period 5-9th 31days. Stayed home. Tonsil abscess. Penicillin capsules. Missed out on second needle.
Sat 8th June
Evon has bronchitis. Did homework, some study. Rang up Jenny about basketball. Roy and Phyllis are selling out.
Sat 6th July
Have a blue-tongued lizard. Mum is getting on my goat. I hate everyone.
Sun 7th July
There was a boy on 'Little people' called Barry who looked, sang and liked the same song as Barry from the Merimbula beach party. Doolie is dying, or at least very sick.
Wed 10th July
Period 10-16th 35 days. Played Beechworth. Chris actually spoke to me. He played football. We were doing Science prac, using test tubes and water to produce sound and he was going to spray me. He also asked me to get him a beaker.
Sat 12th July
We went around to the Doc's. John came up. He stayed overnight. I slept with Evon, he in my bed. He has grown a lot, is OK now.
Sun 28th July
We went out to Oaklands and saw all Dad's relatives. Got 'Bullie,' a little pup.
Mon 29th July
Guy found another lizard - yellow and black. Also found a little kookaburra.
Wed 31st July
Dad bulldozing on our place.
Thurs Aug 1st
Cross country run. What a laugh. I came last. 24th. Jan from primary school came first. Little kookaburra died.
Tues 20th Aug
Won prize, 50c, for most unusual pet - lizard - at Fete. Rooster won popular pet competition. A teacher bought them.
Mon 26th Aug
My 15th Birthday. An OK day. I got a pale green suitcase, stockings, drawing book, Mad magazine and a necklace later on.
Sun 8th Sep
Took Baby to front paddock. Got little puppy. Car rally. Luverly sorts in lots of cars. Dad made a cart to go behind the tractor. I put the rest of the hair rinse bubble through. Haven't done any studying.
Sat 21st Sep
Sprayed cows for lice. Did a bit more of poster for Art. Put nail polish on.
Thurs 10th Oct
Snowed about this time. Got automatic black telephone. I brought home the green and black painting that our cookery teacher wants.
Fri 11th Oct
Went to a concert at night at Noorengong. Saw Roger, Ernest and a teacher. Heather won a prize.
Nov 1st Nov
Barry's birthday. We went to an Art exhibition. Vince came up for tea. Evon went up to Nina's.
Sat 2nd Nov
Vince came up at night. I wonder if I can get him? We had a pillow fight. Two people rang up. I then rang about forage harvesting. I started making a yellow skirt.
Mon 11th Nov
Picked as head acting girl prefect. I have to tell each girl what to do. Begin Monday.
Mon 18th Nov
I had to read out last weeks Room Trophy at General Assembly.
Exams : Geog-challenging. French-easy. Eng Lit-hard and long. History-rotten, but I should pass. Maths B-grotesque, sure failure. Absolute relief that exams are finished.
Sat 24th Nov
One year exactly since periods began at 5 o'clock. Didn't do much. Rolled circular thing down to put lizard in. He got away.
Fri 13th Dec
Ian came up at 5 o'clock. We haven't seen him for 2 years. He has a white ute.
Mon 16th Dec
Heather came up. Went to School Social. Wore greenish blue patterned waist dress, with wide covered belt. Danced Mod twice with Huckle. The Principal broke up the social at 11 o'clock. He said the 'Jackson City Wheel' were too loud.
Fri 27th Dec
Ian asked me to go to the pictures with him. Mum said not unless Evon, Guy and Dave went too. We decided not to go on Friday, but went Sat instead. Hoyt's theatre, 'Guess who's coming to dinner?'
Entire diary is ready for publication
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Extracts from Juniris' 1969 Diary Kergunyah South, Victoria, Australia
aged 15 years and 5 months
Sun 5th Jan
Dad made me stay and put the feed in the bins after I had got the cows in with Ian. I knew there would be a lecture and there was, on the way down from the shed. Dad doesn't seem to understand that two people can be good friends without having to become married.
Thurs 9th Jan
Went to Dederang store with Ian and big Dave. Had an icecream and a can of Passiona.
Wed 15th. Jan
Heather rang up. Just home from Melbourne. Has bikini, material, flares and frilly blouse. Been to market, swimming in sea. She will come up Sunday. Shaved legs for the first time in ages.
Wed 22nd Jan
Heather's 16th birthday. Got up early ready to go to Albury with them. Bought a pattern, hair rinse, pins, stiffening and make-it-belt. Had lunch in the Carosel. Heather had eyes checked, June rang up, might not be coming home. Kerry rang, talked to her. Put hair rinse in. Watched Science-fiction movie.
Thurs 30th Jan
Jan rang up and said I had a Teaching Bursary. We went over to get the mail and it had already come. $100 a year. We have to get $50 a half year. Gail shaved her legs. Big do!
Fri 31st Jan
Went to Tallangatta. Went to bank, filled in papers. Saw Terry at lunchtime. Norman very nice to me while in newsagents. Got books, some pants and clothes. Got a letter from Thailand - Vorapot Thavithong.
Wed 5th Feb
Got out of bed early. Sitting in the same seat as before, with Jeneanne. Gorgeous boy that went wherever Heather and I went in Tallangatta is at school and in form 5. I think he is 16 and his name is Thomas. Looks like Vince a bit. Got booklists. General every day first day, same as last year. Bit of strife over courses, but I am taking Art and perhaps British History by Correspondence. Evon rang up. Won't come home this weekend. I rang Rowan about books. Jan P.'s boyfriend Eric is 25 - has trouble with parents too. I posted letters to Thailand.
Tues 11th Feb
Roger gave me the English and French books for $3 in exchange. He was very nice to me, smiled etc. Thomas smiled a few more times. Jan P., Heather, Kerrie and me went to see a Macbeth film down the street in the afternoon. The sound was out. Dumb. I was picked as Bus Prefect with Patrick. Wrote out list of kids on bus.
Wed 19th Feb
I had a talk with a teacher about going as an exchange student to Canada. I handed in the first History essay. Sonya won a competition at Wang for Young Farmers. Played softball at home twice. I have been feeling sick for the last few days. Looked forward to getting letter and phone call from Ian, but he neither rang nor wrote. Very disappointed. Lance has found Ian's shoe in his drawer. Pancho still alive.
Wed 26th Feb
Posted letter to Ian when walking down lane. Had classes for half of day, then swimming sports. Hume won, first time ever. I won breastroke because Barbara was disqualified and beat Anne in the 100 mtrs - 4 laps - it nearly killed me. Also did breastroke in medley relay. Thomas had to drop out of the 8 laps. I beat him in medley breastroke. Birdie said to me at Lucy's, "Do you know David ?" I told him he was my cousin. He knows him. I rang Ian. I've got this horrible feeling... Friday please come. Guy is back out at Rand. Birdie congratulated me on breastroke. Mum went to Albury, saw Evon. She hasn't seen Dennis.
Sat 8th March.
I got up at 7, had shower etc, ready by 1/4 past 9. Dad put an ad on for free wood on Swapshop. Rambled on as usual. Ian came and we took a photo of the foal, so the film could be developed. Wore longsleeved pinkymauve flower dress. Went to cop shop about Ian's yearly registration. He is not going to get his X2 special, yet, for a few months, anyway. Evon is now going with Roger, a French chap. We met her while driving away from the Y. She had her hair all up. Gave her a black handbag for a birthday present. Ian paid for all the junky odds and ends I bought. Went to the Wodonga Show. Saw everyone I knew - Kerrie, Heather, Laureen, Neville. Rowan tried to cut down Ian when he was eating a toffee apple. Went to the dog racing, against Dad's wishes I guess, but we only watched 2 races, then Ian placed a couple of bets. Went for a swim when we got home. Watched the Rose vs Rudkin fight. Ian and I watched the fight from the kitchen. I sat on his knee. Beautifully comfortable.
Mon 17th March
What a slow day. Had my English talk first period, first person to speak. Was a bit nervous, but spoke loud enough. Posted letter to Marilyn at lunchtime, bought a biro also. Had to put bandaides on my blisters. Had Art, started painting with oils. Mum told me when we came home that Ian had his tooth out and called in to have lunch. I rang him to find out how he was. Birdie and the Primary teacher came up. They were going to go shooting, but stopped and talked instead. Laurel rang, then Evon. I answered. She now has a flat with other girls. Will come home this weekend.
Sat 22nd March
People came for wood. Doc came around. Guy still isn't home. I tidied up room, swapped bed, rearranged room, washed, ironed clothes, finished Macbeth essay, played softball, found brown skirt and cardigan and tried on winter clothes. Watched movie and Graeme Kennedy on Television. Had bath, went to bed, completed essay.
Mon 1st April.
What a laugh! We missed the bus. Guy drove us and stalled the car. Swore like hell. Birdie drove straight past, so we had to wait till he got it started to get home. Finished fixing dark blue dress. Did no homework. Gail's toenail is very sore. I missed Ian badly. Wrote short notes to him, expressing all my thoughts, but burned them later. I rang Jan. Felt much better after talking to her. She was about to ring me.
Mon 7th April
Spent most of morning asleep in the front paddock, with cows walking around me! Ian came after dinner. I don't know. I still like him a lot and I want him badly, but he just isn't interested. To him, I don't exist. Evon is making the line for him again. It is making me mad, but at the same time very sad and bitter. I rang Heather. We went around to the Doc's. A gorgeous boy, Kevin was there. Tough luck for me though, I think he goes for Evon. Geez she's a nuisance sometimes. No Monopoly. Ian left after discussing Laurel's wedding and what to write on the wedding car. He wouldn't tell Evon and I.
Mon 14th April
Play day, or rather night. Jan and I both made boo boos, but recuperated. Her father drove us there at 70 mph most of the way. I souvenired the packet of cigarettes that we used in the play. Met Roy - only fellow there that we got talking to. I forgot my shoes for the play and rang school to get them. A teacher found them for me and sent them with another. We broke down in Wangaratta. Couldn't get car started. Got home at 1/2 past 12.
Sun 27th April
A good day, but by no means perfect. I washed and put some olive oil in my hair to get rid of the split ends before Ian came. We went to Tangambalanga. I wore my purple dress. I am dieting a bit to take off my tummy. There was a hunt on at the Doc's, so we went around after dinner and Monopoly, to have a look. A fellow at the gate smiled. The hunt was a fiasco. Hounds everywhere. We played soccer when we got home. Ian and Guy went out, to bowls I think. I was awake when they got home, but I didn't say anything.
Fri 2nd May.
Had a great form assembly. I am going to sing 'Hole in the bucket, dear Henry' and a school song. Hamper is going well. I just finished Art in Time. Talked to Birdie about Guy and footy. Ian and I went in to pick up Evon. Talked about his life on the way in, sang songs on the way out. Went to see 'Helga,' instead of bowling. A moderately good sex education film.
Tues 6th May
There was another stopwork meeting. One of our teachers is President as we saw him on TV with our cooking teacher at Wangaratta. We tried a lot of new techniques in Art for this week's work. We got out early. Evon rang up. They didn't take in the boarder.
Tues 13th May
What a shit I was in today. Mum was unbearable. She kept giving me ridiculous jobs to do. I want the TV off for 3 weeks, but no-one will listen and yet Dad complains about the electricity bill. Got uniform together. Rang Heather. Dad has toothache. Washed clothes.
Tues 20th May
Back to the old grindstone. I used my 2 PS periods to finish my English Book Report, but she didn't take it up. The fans are in at school. Kerrie saw Greg and Guy in Albury. Jan went to Bega and had visitors. Graeme and Ernest didn't go to Albury, so I didn't miss out on anything. I got the most fantastic smile from Tom. It put me in high spirits for the rest of the day. There is a power shortage, because of the strikes.
Thurs 22nd May
Birdie told us that he saw a UFO last night! I bet we see something definite within the next 10 years. There was a film of one on telly. Tom proposed to Laurie on 'Bellbird' and she accepted. Tom has to read a news item out next week. Ian didn't ring. I do hope I can get to the ball somehow.
Mon 26th May
My throat was so bad, I stopped home, in bed. I hardly finished any homework, although I did read some of that ghastly History book that describes hangings and people being guillotined. It is pretty hard to read or study when you're in bed, so I slept most of the day. It is also very hard to get anyone's attention, because I can't yell above a whisper. Tiny's pups born. Kept one.
Mon 2nd June
Monday must have been one of my most carefree days. I told everyone, in magnified terms of course of Ian's and my tiff and made sure everyone knew it was off. Jan had finished her Art essay again and we still haven't posted the correspondence. Margaret was crying this morning.
Thurs 12th June
British History was a breeze. 10 pages of foolscap, back and front. English Literature in afternoon. I wrote on the 3 easiest sections and walked out 1/2 hour early. I think I did well, but I could fail. Relief that exams are over, until Oct that is. Our Art teacher gave me some pictures and said to try and sketch a mural for a yacht club. Heather came up. There has been a lot of strife on the bus, about Jan and Dianne and they have been shifted.
Sun 15th June
Ian came down and told us about the party. He had only had 2 hours sleep. Peter was drunk and got out the window and walked around. Evon singing and mucking around. Drunken fool, according to Guy. Sonya also at party. We went to Tangambalanga. Talked to Sonya. Too friendly with Ian. She didn't like party and left early. Pam and Manfred came up. They were going to take kitten home with them.
Mon 23rd June
I did the big heroine act today and rescued a fire extinguisher that some kids had knocked down and it had started to spray. Big Deal. Got teacher to fix it up. Did Art with Jan in back room. Sonya is going to the social. Birdie spoke to Daryll, Joy an I about debate. It is going to be on euthanasia. Got English back - 77% altogether. Tom sat behind me.
Thurs 3rd July
Debate day. We went by bus and I read Darryl's short story, science fiction, on the way there. I was pretty nervous and my voice was shaky. According to the judge, we lost, but not in our opinion, we cut them down on nearly every point. Their arguments were weak and the speakers, although they yelled forcefully, they forgot halfway through. Robyn, the 1st speaker, is my second cousin, so I found out. Her aunty is my aunty Anne. Darryl sat with Jenny. The Fink! Evon rang.
Sat 12th July
We got up late, tidied everything, washed clothes and hair and got ready for the dance, most of the day. Ian came down and we left. I wore Heather's cute black crepe skirt and my white lace blouse. My hair looked good, the way Heather curled it. Heather and I were mad at Ian and Guy when we got there, because they wouldn't dance. When they finally did, it wasn't for long. I noticed Daryll there, but didn't think he'd ask me to dance, but he did. We mod danced for quite some time, then he said 'like to try something different?' and he slipped his arms around me ever so naturally and I felt quite at home. We gradually got closer and closer and finally we were dancing cheek to cheek. It was so divine. We sat down, holding hands, then went out for a walk down the street, with his arm around me. He wasn't acting like a professional girl hunter, of any kind, but was absolutely sweet. We came back to dance and modded some more. Had supper and went for a walk around town. Ian looked mad when we got back, they were driving around searching for us! Got home safely at about 1 o'clock. Ian and Guy not amused. I even felt sorry for Ian.
Tues 15th July
Every TV station and radio is yapping about the big space- moon project. Big deal - I say. Dad is all keyed up about it, but not many kids at school are. Passed Daryll in RI without looking at him, because I would have colored. Had French in Staffroom. They liked the way I read 'L'albatros.' Jan was not amused with Michael in Art last period.
Thurs 24th July
The big snow trip today that I had been looking forward to for ages was a moderate success. Daryll hardly looked at me. Girls and boys were separated on the buses and the trip up and back was beaut. I threw a great handful of snow at Brian, shouting 'catch' and he fell over in an effort to dodge. Robert and some other kids, I think it was Titch, almost covered me with snow. My plastic flares kept me dry, but were a bit of a failure. I was horribly miserable about Daryll on the way home, but Anne promised to say something to him. He wore a gorgeous bright yellow tracksuit. I rang Ian at night, but he didn't come down.
Fri 1st August
Couldn't wait til night time. Ian and I went in and collected Evon. Judy in a shit with Peter. Rude at flat, played guitar. They have changed the dining room around for party. We had a big singsong and ate on the way home.
Mon 4th Aug
Back to the slave trade and work. New teacher is beaut in British History. I showed the photos to Heather, Kerrie, Jan P. etc and they were impressed with Rainer and Rude. Were in the back room as usual for Art. Saw Daryll in corridor, he hardly notices me. I handed in $15 for exam fee. Went to Christian film at lunch time. Daryll came in later. I had to walk past him going out. Gail home again. I listened to tranny, heard Battle of Sounds -Grand Final. Doug Parkinson In Focus won, naturally. Little bunnies died except one. Wore trousers around the house. Dad rang to find out where sewing machine man is. John and Rosie together - impossible. Sorress is Margaret 's nickname. Heather made black flares on the weekend.
Fri 15th August
Concentrated on Art - Lino cut. At Heather's again. Weight 9 stone, shocking. Ate lollies that I didn't eat at the film.
Tues 19th Aug
Diet is going well. Bought some apples down the street. I am still printing lino cuts of girl and boy. They won't turn out properly. RI was slightly more profitable than last week. Daryll smiled a bit. It's strange though, I always dream of Ian and Ernest.
Sun 24th Aug
About the dance Friday, Pat told Rosie that the Tallangatta mob, were coming, but they didn't turn up. I was so sad about Daryll, shocked even, but it is about time I faced up to the hard facts, I guess. Met Wayne and Glen. Danced the barn dance and a couple with Tony. Dad came down to take me home. I took up the hem of the blue dress, wore it to the dance. Lionel Rose was beaten by Olivaris in Mexico. Sat afternoon. Ian very stunned and disappointed. I didn't go to Tangam. Ian ribbed me about diet during lunch, saying that I probably only dieted every two or three hours, when it suited me. If he has bought me anything edible for my birthday, presuming he has bought me anything, I suppose I will eat them. He brought back some starch reduced bread for me. I went for a run around the back to where the Mill house was and started to read Oliver Twist. Put my hair in curlers. Letter came from some other fellow in Thailand.
Mon 15th Sep
I told everyone that I was going to request a song for History class. Astounded teacher by handing in two History essays. The others are shockingly lazy. I struggled through Maths. Nothing much happened with form 6 Geog. in the Art room. Jan went to the History broadcast. She said that Michael sat behind her. I spent most of my time painting the large convict. Sat up late. Have gone off diet quiet a bit. Played Jazz records in Art.
Sat 20th Sep
Sat morning, they came and got me. We had dinner there. I had washed my hair just before they came and set it there. Heather had an Indian type dress and I wore blue flowered dress. June went to some party also. At the dance, Jan very surprised that we were there. Casca danced with me. Daryll danced with Jan until she gave him the hint. Albert tried, but I thanked him and went off. Peter had a very good attempt at conning off, but I finally got rid of him. Then danced with Leon and Aldiss. Daryll no dance with me. Me cry.
Sun 28th Sep
Finally wrote to Marilyn, telling her that she was a naughty Matilda. Easybeats and Johnny Farnham will be at the Civic Hall next Wed. Fellows from Melb. left. Went around in bikini for most of the day. Beautiful weather. Painted yachts. A cream Volkswagon took the corner too sharply after the creek and went on its side. Two groovers in it. OK. Paid Lance 40c after Dad helped them out with the tractor. Hume Weir races on, but I didn't go. I rang 2AY and Mark played 'Its just you' - Sonny and Cher for me. Jan told me about races Mon. Wow.
Tues 7th Oct
The Principal got me in the office. I bawled just about all the time. He was too smooth and greasy. Understanding pig. Guy and Ian came home.
Thurs 9th Oct
Sports photos taken. Daryll strutted about in the white gear half the day.
Wed 15th Oct
A pretty hard Geography paper in the morning. I bet I failed, or just passed. Heather seemed to have mucked it up completely. Jan thought it was fairly easy. Art teacher was really piggy to us when we were in the back room doing Art. We played softball for sport. I caught some kid out!! When we got home, Ian had left, taken a job for a week at Dederang. I talked to Dad about taking my paintings to Melbourne.
Mon 20th Oct
Correction day, therefore Melbourne day. Up at 1/4 to 4, left by 5am. Our Art correspondence teacher, Wes, came down stairs to see us and take our folios. Just great, blonde, real groover, Dutch or Sweedish. We took a taxi to the Art Gallery, got caught in a traffic jam. Walked after groovers. Waited at GPO for Jan's father but they didn't turn up, so we went into Myers. 'Got' a ring. Walked up to a Uni student and asked for pamphlets to hand out. Must have given out hundreds. An old man collapsed on the GPO stairs. I tried to get our Glen Waverly relatives on the phone. Asked when the Hendrix Imperial Market was on. Had dinner at 3 o'clock at Coles with Jan's father and uncle. Went into groover shop. Jan came in when we got home and had a look at my room.
Wed 29th Oct
Jan said she tampered with the letter to Mr Placek. Oh No! Jan P went to Albury in the afternoon. I told John that he was a natural-born pig. Our Art teacher tested us on Art photos again. Cut us a bit, especially Jan. I was hit on the leg with a softball. It was hot today. We practised our French orals. They are next Friday. The Principal had a talk with us about exams and swot vac. Our teacher needs a bristle cut. Her hair is too thick. Pat denies rumours about marrying an Italian girl. We bag him about getting morning sickness. Hamilton bloke went passed us at the bus stop. I rang Laurie Henry and asked him to play 'Cariy Lynn Javes' by Zager and Evans. I wore my grey tight sweat shirt.
Sun 30th Nov
Ian has given Beryl, Gail and I another revolser saying -'Up yer Kyber!' The way we say it though, it does sound too bad, most shocking. David and Doc came out again. Evon rang. Dad and Guy talked to her. She is going with someone who lived in a tent at the Doc's. Came home at 4, with Judy. Borrowed $1 from Aldiss. I did some Art, felt terribly lazy. Took down hem of brown yellow dress 1/4 " Listened to 2WG. Stared Gail and Beryl out.

Entire diary is ready for publication
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