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Below is a small sample of Lesson Plans

Lesson ideas for Teaching small groups of Preschoolers aged 3-6 years

These ideas were taught during the early 1990s, and using video and computers for pre-schoolers was 'cutting edge' back then
Use the sturdiest technology you have access to and is familiar to parents and children.
Also, see if you can convince a reliable University student or similar to bring in the 'latest gadget' and have an extra parent helper rostered on that day, so everyone can have a turn while activities proceed at the same time.

Information For Parents:
Have a pre-prepared 'theme' for each lesson, as children and parents like to feel a part of what they are being taught.
Have the term's 'themes' photocopied and given to each parent, with name and phone number of each day's parent helper,
so they can organise their own swapping, if ill.
Remind all of next week's themes as they collect children.
This gives parents a basis to prepare and question the child over their learning and ability to recall and apply learning.
Depending on time of class, have parents give their children a healthy snack and drink for morning or afternoon tea.
Have a defined space preferably out of sight, where these snacks are left, until after toilet trip.

Basic equipment :
Cut a 2-3 metre strip, 10 cm wide, of yellow or other brightly colored stretchy fabric and sew ends to make a circle. Stretch it out on the carpet to make a defined area for children to sit around and talk and listen. Don't expect them to sit still for more than 5-10 mins and put fabric circle away when done, so no one trips over it.

Make playdough and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge.
  • 4 cups of plain flour
  • 8 tablespoons of cream of tartar
  • 2 cups of salt
  • 4 cups of cold water
  • 6-8 tablespoons of oil
  • a heap of blue food coloring
Tip all ingredients into a big saucepan. Stir with a wooden spoon.
Don't worry about lumps as they will eventually blend in.
Cook over low to medium heat for 10 - 15 mins
Keep stirring til you can't any more and you can lift the lump out in one go.
Allow to cool slightly, then knead to blend in any lumps.
Cool completely then store in an airtight container, for example an icecream tub, in the fridge.
Lasts for months. Chuck out when it becomes sticky or crusty.
Make a new batch in a different color for a surprise.

Finger Paint
Into a large saucepan - dissolve half a cup of cornflour in 1 cup of cold water
Add 3 cups of boiling water, turn on the heat and boil til it 'plops' - approximately 1 minute.
Add 2 tablespoons of 'Lux flakes' (pure soap grated) and 2 tablespoons of child friendly paint,
preferably one of the primary colors - red, yellow or blue.
Spoon a small amount onto plastic covered table, tray or plastic place mat.
Allow plenty of squiggling time before placing a clean sheet of paper over the top of the child's creative patterns
and wipe the top side gently to gain a print to dry out and keep for grandma.
Can make up other colors and allow child to discover what color is made
by mixing a little blob of blue and 2 blobs of yellow, or blue and red, or red and yellow.

Have a coffee table with rounded edges or other sturdy, low table for all to kneel around and examine brought items.

Plastic shower curtain or clear plastic from a mattress shop to cover table for sand / 'mercury' / painting activities.

Plan a toilet trip after messy activities and before snack eating, so hands can be washed.

Have a video or DVD of nursery rhymes set up ready to play at the end of each class. This will subtly announce to children that it is time to go home and parents will be able to collect children when they hear the music play.

Sturdy computer set up with children's games, for in between activities. If all children already have access to laptop computers or tablets, consider limiting computer activities to the first activity or until all arrive.

Learning Themes:
Here are some themes to try at appropriate times of the year

Cats and kittens
Best held late Spring at kitten season
Roll out whiskers to put on a 'cats face' circle of playdough. How many whiskers does a cat have? Why does it need whiskers? Where are its whiskers? What about the ones above its eyes?
Discussion table
Pictures of cats and kittens.
If One parent can bring along One very placid cat and keep control of it, and no one has allergies, then have a patting session just before going to toilet and washing hands.
Yellow Circle - Talking points
Things from home. Talk about own or neighbour’s / relative’s cats. How to treat cats. Noises they make and why. Instinct versus tamed behavior. She cats and Tom cats. Food they eat. Mother cats feeding babies, eyes closed at first.
Color in sheet 'Cat and the Fiddle'.
Cat whiskers / fur material
Draw another cat and kittens on large folded cardboard- cereal packet. Glue fur onto cardboard, folded with cut out 'feely' space. Pre cut a small hole in the centre of a well defined - texta - circle or square. Encourage slight enlargement by those able to handle scissors.
Record a cat walking along inside house to door. Licking itself. Sleeping in front of heater. Being patted, scratched.
Three little kittens
The kitten book - Golden book
Find a reference book with large pictures of big cats and domestic cats to show and have children help you make up a possible story... There was a big stripey tiger sitting in a tree (turn page) when he saw a little lion playing with his sister lion.... (turn page) and they decided to visit their little tabby cousin in the city...
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Cold Things
Best held on a hot day
Welcoming activity Blue Playdough - cold from being in fridge
Talk about cool colors,
Use Playdough to make ice blocks shapes, snowmen, flat circles for puddles of water.
Discussion table
Collection of smooth stones, Poster of Polar bear with icecream, Penguin post cards,
junior sized snow suit
Have a recording of a day when it snowed or the closest snow fields
Making snow flakes from crepe paper & glue onto black cardboard
Making fruit juice ice blocks
Playing with pre-frozen ice blocks - putting into water, in a large see through container to view iceburg effect.
Toilet Wash hands
Morning tea
Story telling - show pictures and tell story:
The little kittens who lost their mittens (Remind children they have heard the story in Cats and Kittens week. Encourage help with retelling story)
This is the way we
shake our hands
blow on our hands
tuck our hands under our arms
put our mittens on
on a cold and frosty morning
Photocopy a recipe for making icecream to give out to parents
or suggest parents freeze a couple of small margarine tubs of ice for their own iceberg activities in the bath.
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Welcoming Playdough activity : Make goal posts, numbers for players, footballs
Show and Tell kneeling around coffee table : Bring football posters, programs, footy boots, football - best if slightly deflated and rather undesirable.
Song : sitting around yellow circle
You pass it to me and I pass it to you x 3
and we'll all play football. Yes, we'll all play football.
Stand around yellow circle
Stand up and draw a number on your friend's back. Guess what it is.
Show a short clip of your local football with both female and male teams
Glueing activity : Jumpers, shorts, socks, boots onto a photocopy of a person.
Sticky tape activity : making Floggers- tubes & crepe paper
Textas or colored pencils activity : Football shapes, Numbers, Stencilling numbers
Mural activity: Glueing pictures onto a poster
Toilet trip Washing hands
Morning tea
Read story while children eat . Choose book about local football
I can run as fast as you
End of class, as parents arrive, watch video of football match with sound down.
For parents
Remind - drawing numbers on back especially with soap at bath time
Give out copy of draw for local football games.
Suggest families meet at next week's match.
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Toys and Games
Make a playdough teddy
Discussion table
Twister game, Tunnel of sewn strips of stretchy material, Parachute or piece of lightweight silky material
Dutch picture of children playing games. Australian picture of marbles.
Yellow circle
Show toys brought from home. Talk about games we like to play. If talk is computer-centred keep leading discussion to things we do outside or safe games inside the house
'Round and round the garden' tickle hand game
Drop the hanky. Duck, duck goose.
Paint - Mural as a group on long strip of newsprint of games we like to play.
Texta - individual pictures, take home or cut around and glue onto mural
Make puppet and sticky tape it to an icecream stick or straw
Cut up Toy Catalogues, glue on favorite 'current fad.' Talk about ads and catalogues and how they make us want things that turn out to be boring. Talk about collecting items from Take away food chains and how it makes us go back until we have the full set.
Toilet wash hands
Morning tea
Talk about healthy food
Big book designed for floor play
Cardboard box stories - little books designed for travel
Nursery rhymes to act out
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Excursion to an Art Gallery
Playdough welcoming activity
(Timed according to whether you are walking, taking bus or meeting at Art Gallery. If you are meeting there, arrange to meet in a quiet defined area where everyone feel comfortable.)
Sculpture - Tiger, Statue, talk about terms - rough, smooth, freestanding, wooden, metal
Drawing activity
Look at Art books first for 'inspiration'
Frame stapled around edge, or do later when dry. Talk about 'most artists don't paint over the frame' but some do!
Discussion table
Van Gough framed print
Yellow circle
Art Books, point out different colors, people, animals, the frame.
Toilet first
If walking to Gallery remind children and parents 'Teacher goes first. No-one goes in front of the teacher.' Nominate a parent helper to bring up the rear. Look at the shops along the way eg Carpet shop - has lots of colours and patterns, but it is not the Art Gallery. When you arrive, stand back and look at big front door to remember it for next time. Remind all. We can look as much as we like. No one touches the paintings. The paintings would get all dirty if everyone touched them.
Take a sheet to sit on. It is easy to wash and gives a defined space, you can even call it the 'Magic Art Carpet'
Have three art works already picked out in different areas of the Gallery. Children will enjoy a little walk in between sitting down on sheet. Choose ones with animals, bright colours, children or families. Focus children's attention on paintings. Look for Yellow, Hats, Feelings etc
Look at freestanding sculptures.
Morning tea. Walk back to class for morning tea and a big talk about what they saw. If going by bus, make sure the driver allows food and drink, or eat at an appropriate spot, before getting on the bus.
Check local Library for books where a child visits an Art Gallery
This is the way we walk to the Gallery
If you had time to take a video before the class, show that, or, if a parent took a video camera with you, watch that footage. Don't try to do all that yourself on the day, as you will be too busy.
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A rainbow is a spectrum of sunlight
Photocopy and give out 'hose activity' - how to make a rainbow, for home
Roll 8 long strips and place under each other a little curved, to create 7 spaces.
Make a group playdough rainbow
Discussion table
Reference books on weather, rainbows and colours
multi- coloured pencil, multi coloured lollies. Discuss the words indigo and violet.
Creating rainbows - water in big clear tubs, plastic or safety edged little Mirrors, Light or torch (only allow adult to handle) white card or wall.
Crayons & textas - Making Rainbow books. Have sets of the correct colours ready
Group - Paint large rainbow onto big sheet of plastic - a mattress cover from a bedshop
Computer - Red - Infa red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - Ultra violet
Yellow Circle
Show and tell about rainbows. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
Toilet wash hands
Morning tea
Slides - show The Rainbow Serpent story projected onto a wall
There are many stories to choose from featuring rainbows
or children not being able to choose their favorite colour
Somewhere over the rainbow
Red and yellow and pink and blue, I can sing a rainbow and so can you
Rainbow connection
Video tape of a rainbow, if you have been lucky enough to capture one.
Mid morning or mid afternoon during a break in rain, is when the sun's rays should be on the right angle.
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Lost and Found Objects
Make sure nothing is small enough to be swallowed
Find shells, stones, large coins hidden in the playdough, swap, hide again and find again, eyes closed.
Discussion table
Collection of stones, feathers, old bottles, sea horse, sea shells.
Cut out items from lost and found column, photocopy and enlarge. Point to each word as you read one out loud. Ask if anyone has lost a pet? Did they draw a picture and put it in the window of the shop? Has mum ever lost any money? Does your local radio station have a Lost and Found segment? Why do lots of dogs go missing after a fireworks display?
Reference books on dinosaurs, fossils, coins and shells.
May find a book on Art with found materials
Yellow circle
Talk about 'found things' What is it like to find a special stone / feather etc? What interesting big seed pods are in your street? Have you found acorns, bristly round pods of the plane tree, horse chestnuts (not edible) or real chestnuts which can be eaten, gumnuts?
What would it be like to find gold or treasure?
Goldilocks and the three bears. What would you do if you found a house with no-one at home?
Crayon or white candle picture with paint wash - 'find' the picture coming through
Paint a face on a rock
Spray paint / print feathers
Paint / texta a picture of someone finding something.
Make an Art mural or Statue of found items or parts of a clock, nothing sharp.
Play pass the parcel with plenty of 'surprises' to go around, in each layer.
Play the game 'Bear hunt' We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to find a big one
Toilet, Wash hands, Morning tea
There are many stories about lost items of clothing or lost children, also stories of found treasure
Tell the story of Cinderella and the found glass shoe
Goldilocks and the three bears
or, again, The three little kittens who lost their mittens and see who can stand beside you to help tell the story.
Sayings / Beliefs / Morals / Honesty
Finders Keepers, Loosers Weepers
Eureka! I've found it
If you find something important, take it to the Lost and Found
Rewards. What is valuable to you? What would you pay a reward for if you lost it?
Is a hug a good reward?
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Smelly Day
Playdough perfumed playdough - add rose water
Make flowers
Discussion table
perfumed soaps, pot-pourri, gum leaves, pine needles
Yellow circle
discuss things bought by children
How do we smell things?
What things smell good / bad?
Why do things smell bad? What are rotten foods and smells?
What do we do with our garbage? What is Mould?
Why do we have a bath or shower?
Sew a smelly bag. Children can easily manage this if big blunt needles are pre threaded and double knotted with colored cotton. Have a box of patterned thin material squares or odd shapes ready for them to take time choosing a piece. Have some sticks of rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena or whatever herbs are available ready for the stuffing. They don't need to be dried and probably are easier to handle if green and not spikey or brittle.
Draw picture of flowers, garden
Help children scribble a big drawing of a garbage dump with black textas. Have them draw in the little spaces between the scribbles with colored pencil, or glue on little pictures of the things we throw away.
Toilet wash hands
Why do we wash our hands? Look at fingernails. Check any scratches. Why do we need to wash scrapes and sores? Lavender and rosemary used to be used to keep things clean and smelling nice.
Sometimes it smells when we go to the toilet, that is normal. Talk about 'passing wind' as being normal rather than naughty. It is only rude if we make ourselves 'burp' at other people.
Books on
Flowers, Gardens, Perfumes, soap making, garbage collection, washing out containers for recycling
Make up a song about garbage collection day...
I am the driver in the big truck...mime movements
Here is the lever that moves the arm
Here is the big arm that picks the bin up
Up, up up and into the truck
Shake it all out
and down it gently goes.
Oh no. I've dropped the bin.

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